Affiliated Registered Investment Adviser (“RIA”) company

Oakwood Capital, Inc. (“OC”) was formed in 1993 as a full-service Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm proving financial planning and fee-based investment management. Committed to helping people pursue their financial goals, Oakwood Capital, Inc. has a long-standing history of high integrity and excellent service. 

All our Investment Advisor Representatives (Advisors) are independent contractors offering a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners. Like Oakwood Capital Securities, Inc., OC does not offer proprietary products and services, so all advisors offer independent advice.

Clearing & Custody Partner

Oakwood Capital Securities, Inc., and RBC Custody and Clearing.

RBC Custody & Clearing is one of the world’s largest providers of financial and brokerage services offering comprehensive clearing, custody and execution services to a variety of broker-dealers, such as Oakwood Capital Securities, Inc.

As custodian of your brokerage account, RBC Custody & Clearing, at the direction of Oakwood Capital Securities, Inc., is responsible for:

  • The execution, clearance, and settlement of securities transactions
  • The preparation and delivery of transaction confirmations and account statements
  • The custody (or safekeeping), receipt, and delivery of funds and securities
  • The extension of margin credit upon approval